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Edition overview

Take responsibility, support reforestation.

Real Trees grow & reward for decades.

seedrnftrees | Baobab


Your opportunity to plant one of two first edition premiums, binding 300 kg CO2 every year while helping locals in Kenya.

One for each platform only!

You will be provided with a code to claim the tree's profile after purchase.

seedrnftrees | First Seed

First Seed

We needed just 25 pledges to unlock the Cocoa, which will help locals in Cameroon and save 50kg CO2 p.a. - qualify for rewards!

seedrnftrees | Cocoa


Common version of the tripple thread which empowered us Seedr to plant 4 new trees.

seedrnftrees | Cocoa


The uncommon edition teases something important to the Baobab puzzle, but does it reveal as well?

seedrnftrees | Cocoa


The most detailed version of the STARDUST Edition has some important clue - did you catch it?


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