seedrnftrees | Treecoin

Edition overview

Take responsibility, support reforestation.

Real Trees grow & reward for decades.

seedrnftrees | First 100

First 100

Our very first promotion for seedrnftrees - the origin. Lucky you if you own one, it's rumored to hide a secret.

seedrnftrees | FirstSeed Celebration

First Seed Celebration

The celebration of our first successful Seed as an insert to our first Pack.

seedrnftrees | Cocoa Celebration

Cocoa Celebration

The first Pack drop celebration had a 50% chance to be hit.

seedrnftrees | Earthday 2021

Earth Day 2021

A community special which will see a huge turnaround. Do you already know which kind of?

seedrnftrees | Africa Day 2021

Africa Day 2021

A NFT reflecting our Community`s thoughts about Africa.


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