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Plant & Win

seedrnftrees | STARDUST

Planting πŸ’― trees will mark completion of 1st Chapter

3.655 kg

CO2 we bind every year

approx. on 10 year's average only


1.140kg CO2 offset p.a.

585kg CO2 offset p.a.

440kg CO2 offset p.a.

Odds to win tree per mint#

🌴 Seeds are raffled after each drop has been sold
Treecoins are stacked throughout all STARDUST drops πŸ‘€

About Seeds

🌴 Find all our Trees on this map

πŸ’₯ Winners are randomly selected in Twitch livestream

πŸ’° Claim Tree & individualized Treetoken

Tree details for the next 30 mint# selections

🍫 Explorer Cards reward sweet Cocoa trees from Cameroon binding 55kg CO2 p.a.

πŸ’₯ Supernova Cards reward dangerous Dynamite trees from Colombia binding 80kg CO2 p.a.

πŸš€ Infinity Cards reward magical African Cherry trees from Kenya binding 20kg CO2 p.a.

πŸ₯­ Spacetime Cards reward delicious Mango trees from Madagascar binding 70kg CO2 p.a.

β˜• Common Treecoin rewards one inspiring Coffee tree from Ecuador binding 5kg CO2 p.a.

🌟 Premium Treecoin rewards one holy Baobab tree from Kenya binding 300kg CO2 p.a.

Tree selection may change due to seasonal availability.

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